Outstanding fitting technology: 

  • Reduced bottom for shoes that are difficult to insert inserts
  • • Ultra-thin heel cup technology
    • Enhanced medial/lateral arch cuts
    • 45° forefoot taper
    • Increased waist slope
    • Reduced bottom contact patch
    • Increased rearfoot post taper
    • Heel thickness is minimal


  • Mixture of thermoplastic EVA and PU
  • Delivered in high performance EVA – Pro 60 (Flexible)
  • stylish/professional
  • heat moldable
  • Can be machined No need to attach materials for the following reasons:

surface treatment:

  • without a comfortable and stylish cover; or
  • Apply the top cover using strong adhesiveness

No materials need to be attached for the following reasons:

  • Stable bottom shape
  • Standard inner and outer arch bottom shape

Dola Proサイズ(米国)

XSK (5-7K), SK (8–10K), MK (11–13K), LK (J1–3), XXS (J4–5; W5–6), XS (J6–7; W7-8), S (M7-8; W9-10), M (M9-10; W11-12), L (M11-12), XL (M13-14), XXL (15+)